Monday, February 20, 2017

Riverside Avondale Preservation Awards 2017

I usually stay within the realm of scooters and scooting.

But when I am not scooting, I am an architect, designing residential projects in and around Jacksonville.

Last week, after sending in two projects for consideration for the local neighborhood awards, I was told that I should attend.

The projects were what I have been calling the River House.

The River House from across Fishweir Creek.  
This photo is being used by RAP for their upcoming Home Tour, as this house will be one of the highlights of the tour.

Inside looking from the living room to the kitchen and dining rooms

The house and Trellis from the North

The river elevation

From the garage with its view to the St. Johns and McGirts Rivers

Family sitting room off the Kitchen

The other house is the River Renovation.

It was preserved on the outside while being completely gutted and rebuilt inside.

View of the river side of the house.  The dormers are new along with the porch railing and sidewalk.

View from the balcony to the new pool, pool house, new dock and St. Johns River.

Inside the sitting part of the kitchen with the open, adjacent tv space.

The new stair in the foyer.  This is completely different than the original house.

And the stair at the second floor.  We opened and rebuilt the stair to the new third floor bedrooms.

After judging these same awards several times, I assumed that, with the quality of these that they would be slam dunks for receiving awards.

I am very pleased to say that the River House won the award for Outstanding New Construction, Residential.

Also pleased that I was selected Outstanding Neighborhood Architect.

But disappointed that the Renovation project was surpassed by a very nice, smaller renovation and didn't receive anything.  I sent a note to the wonderful owners.  They congratulated me on the two awards and let me know that they are very pleased to have such a nice house.  They said "Our award is living in it every day."  If possible, I will submit the house next year.

Both houses are to be on this year's RAP home tour, April 29th and 30th.


  1. Congratulations!!!!!
    Those of us who have rode the world of scooters with you would expect only first place for you. You have talent my friend.

  2. Good job. I know bugger all about architecture but those places look very livable. And likely very award worthy, though an award from me might not be all that worthwhile...

  3. Bill congratulations indeed, and very well-deserved.

    I can't imagine living in those surroundings. Simply spectacular.

  4. I can't imagine living in those surroundings. Simply spectacular.
    you are so perfect!
    I believe i will have the same user experience with you.