Thursday, April 7, 2016

Surgery Again!

When the surgeon discovered that I had three hernias last year, he agreed to repair the painful one only. He said that it would hurt too much to recover from doing all three at once.

And he was right. Recovery from that one was not pleasant. It took weeks to feel normal.

Over the past month or so, the hernia that created a bulge in the front of my fat belly would hurt occasionally. Once in Port St. Joe while riding with the Oyster Boys, twice while visiting clients, plus a few more. It felt like a bad stomach ache that wouldn't go away until the next morning.

So I went to see Dr. Herrera, who occasionally rides a Vespa ET50, who scheduled surgery. But in the days before going in, the low hernia began hurting. Nothing like the earlier one, but it needed to be fixed.

Sarah accompanied me to the hospital for the procedure and suggested doing both in one operation. So, in the meeting with Dr. Herrera, the Anesthesiologist (a very tall fellow) and three or four assistants just minutes before knocking me out and wheeling me into the surgery suite, they agreed to do both. Yay!  I shouldn't have to go back!

That was two days ago and the recovery is going well. I have a compression wrap and, more important, oxycodone. The pain so far is not bad at all. I can climb into bed, that I couldn't do last time. Going from sitting to standing and back again is workable too. I know that it can get worse, but I am hopeful to be as good as new soon.

It might be wishful thinking, but I believe I can ride again soon.


  1. Back in the saddle again.....well soon anyway.
    Go Bill Go!!

    1. Thank you Ken, I am sore and swollen, but should be normal in a week or two. Then I want a ride. Maybe Pensacola to pick up Jami's exhaust.