Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Razzo = Fast

Since buying Razzo six weeks ago I have done some minor changes and freshening.  First was I had to replace the front tire, so I took the 6000 mile Michelin City Grip off Rocket and put it onto Razzo.  Then, Mike, who sold me Razzo, had bought a new front tire that he gave me as part of the sale.  That one went onto Rocket for now.  

A bigger change was to put a Michelin Power Pure tire on the rear.  I have found that I get a little more speed in good conditions using a 140 tire instead of the standard 130 width.  The bigger tire gives a little more circumference and better gearing.  

Then, two weekends ago I installed a new belt and rollers.  The acceleration had been great before so I used the rollers that came with the new OEM variator instead of some 12g Dr. Pulley rollers that I have in my spare parts stash.

Early last night I decided to ride to Everybody's Restaurant in Baldwin for dinner.  Sarah is in Orlando tending to her mother for the next couple of days so I was on my own.  To get to Everybody's I can take either US 90 or I-10 or a combination of both.  Going out, with a mild tailwind, I decided to stay on I-10 to 301, then loop back to the restaurant.  

In two stretches, slight downhill running with a group of cars and trucks, without even running wide open, it ran right up to an indicated 90 mph.  This is approximately 82 in real speed but I didn't have the GPS this time.  

It ran over 80 mph on the GPS coming home from Waycross last week too.  And it does it with such smoothness and ease that I know that I have found my Scooter Cannonball scooter for 2016.  In addition to being as fast as a perfect Rocket, being a 2005 model, it gets an advantage in the SCR handicap as well.  This one is a 113 where Rocket, a 2006, is 114.  Same scooter but it gets several additional minutes to complete each day.  That is approximately three points per day or 30 for a ten day Cannonball.  Binh only won over Dave by less than 10 points in 2014, so it will be a real help in finishing well.

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