Thursday, April 23, 2015

23 Riders to Virginia

There are lots of scooter clubs out there.  Not many ride like the 7 Bridges Scooter Club.

The ride to Virginia beginning Saturday will have as many as 23 riders involved at one time or another.  That is for a ride of 550 miles getting there and another 550 returning, plus as many as 500 miles riding around the area in the three full days we will have there.

Several are meeting us in Hoboken, Georgia, 2 more in North Carolina and some will ride up independently and meet us at the Hungry Mother State Park, where we are taking cabins for the four nights.

We will have 18 in the group ride most of the time, riding the Woodpecker Trail to Augusta, then more scenic roads to Newberry S.C.  Day two is going to be largely 18 through the mountains of western North Carolina to Virginia.  I will lead, as is the usual case, and have planned the route.  

We all are looking forward to the ride and hope for good weather and a good time.

The club logo.
We have ridden at least 50,000 miles of group rides over the past 6 years.

Flyer for the "Claw of the Dragon"

Possible loop ride


  1. Looks like quite a nice adventure Bill.

    1. David, It is the club's eighth long ride. I have done seven, five on Rocket, one on Lightning, a 2005 GT and one on the Honda. This will be Razzo's first. It should be the beginning of a nice friendship.