Friday, April 27, 2018

Look at Your Engine

Last weekend I was doing some work on Rocket.  I had worn the back tire to the wear bars in 6000 miles and chose to replace it with one in the garage that had a few thousand left on it. 

Because the exhaust comes off to take the rear wheel off, I decided to take advantage of the accessibility of the oil filter to change the oil after 4500 miles.

While doing this I bumped the string trimmer that I hang from the rafters and it came crashing down, ripping a hole in my right arm.  It happens too often.  Been wearing long sleeve shirts all week to keep it covered.

But the look at your engine comes from the next part.

The idle was low so I opened the engine compartment to adjust the idle screw.  What I found was a coating of oil in some areas.  This had collected sand at the rear fender, making an oily mess.  After searching for the source I noticed a loose hose from the air filter to the engine head.  It was loose at the air filter with no clamp.

So I cleaned it up, then found a clamp in my spare parts box and tightened it up.

It had been a while since looking, so it could have been that way for a while.

I hope that sand didn't get sucked into the engine head.


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