Saturday, August 13, 2016

North Carolina Git t'Gather

Following a long ride from Jacksonville yesterday, gathering with the nine other riders, dinner and a nice quiet night's sleep, today was the big ride.  Kevin and Noreen planned some great routes and off we went.

It started at the Pig & Grits restaurant in Burnsville.  The sun was out and the temperatures nice. After fueling we were off on some of the best roads anywhere.  I was just following, so the names and numbers get lost, but these photos tell the story well.

My favorite photo, so I put it first.

Breakfast on the porch at the Pig & Grits

Past cemetery number one

Through the woods in the morning

Fresh asphalt and a long view.  Not many things are better.

I always like rust

We all stopped for the one incident.  A young deer ran in front of Noreen's MP3.  I was right behind her and thought it was a dog at first, but after it was hit, it spun around and I could tell by the long, thin legs that it was a deer.  Very fortunately, Noreen was ok.  Her scooter was damaged, but she didn't go down and was able to continue.  She was understandably upset, but carried on.  We were all sad for the lost deer. 

Back on the road

A beautiful downhill stretch coming down from more than 5000 feet.

Nice view

More curves and scooters

Cemetery two

Starting again after lunch at Bonnie and Clydes in Bakersville

Deer in the area.  Like, really.

Zooming through the woods

Barns and rust

Riding along the Toe River

The bikes at the ice cream store

The riders


  1. That looks just awesome. More so after being out of town and off the scooter for a week. Looks like some great riding. Can't wait to get back to western Wisconsin for something similar.

    1. Thanks Dave. It was a fun weekend riding great roads with some very nice people. I would gladly join in on the Wisconsin fun, but I have that lousy Tuscany scooter tour scheduled. I will try to make the most of it.

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