Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jacksonville's Seven Bridges Ride

Every January for the past seven years, the 7 Bridges Scooter Club has had the 7 Bridges Ride, where we ride over the seven bridges that cross the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida.

This year, Russ and I decided to publicize it more than we have in the past.  Scooter Joe also contacted several of his friends from the Central Florida area to see if they would be interested in coming.  Russ sent invitations to every scooterist on his facebook pages and got some good results.

We had a large group from that area come in, most of them Saturday night, and they joined us.

The weather was threatening, but we got no rain.  It was chilly and a bit windy, but everyone made it and appeared to have a good ride.

Those coming included some Cannonball alumni, Helix Geoff and JimT among the crowd.  Alex and Eddie came up from the Orlando area.  Many whom I didn't know came as well.

It was bigger than ever, Russ counted 43 scooters, and I hope that they all come back with their friends in the future.

I found it to be another great reason to ride with my friends.

Scooters gathered at the start

Rocket back in action

Chris' and Scooter Joe's scooters

First stop, the scooter warehouse.

All gathered at the warehouse

Stop at the Gate Station

A view from up front over the Hart Bridge.

The Dames Point Bridge

At the finish, the 7 Bridges Restaurant.

Most of the visitors from Central Florida

Scooter Joe handing out plaques.

My plaques from Scooter Joe and Russ.

Russ getting his special plaque.


  1. Two friends of mine attended (the older Vespa with sidecar) and I will admit I considered going as well. As usual however when I plan something life throws up something to block it (in this case being told I had to supervise a crew on Saturday afternoon...on Wednesday). They enjoyed themselves.

    There is always next year.

  2. Robert, we were amazed by the interest from the other clubs. We had around 15 who came up from Clearwater, Orlando, Robert and Janey from Lakeland and others from Melbourne. It was terrific. Feel free to come up any time for a ride. And we will be doing this one every year.

  3. Now that's what I call a fantastic weekend.

    If only I could have joined that party.