Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rocket Engine Mounts

Rocket started right up last Tuesday and I rode it a little.  Then it started last weekend and I rode it again, when the looseness I have been feeling made itself apparent.

I accelerated from the warehouse and felt the rear end move sideways.  It did it a every time.  I asked Boris to ride it too and he felt the same thing immediately.

We looked at the engine and could see a rubber bushing on one of the engine mounts.  It looked damaged and loose.

Boris went to his GT manual and noted that there are four of these at the mounting points.

He ordered them and received two this week.  The other two were on back order.

The engine is coming out and hopefully put back with the proper mounts.

He is also going to put in a new HT coil.  

All of these troubles are dampening our relationship some, but I am certain that all will be good soon.

Rocket's home for a while...Scooter warehouse.

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