Thursday, December 18, 2014

10,000 Page Views

I have been doing Rocket and Me since March and just noticed that it passed 10,000 page views.

It was most popular leading up to and during the Scooter Cannonball, understandably as it was the most excitement related to my scooting life.

But viewership has been steady, if very light since.

I notice that someone will find it and want to read almost every page to see if they can find anything interesting.  I hope it is at least something that sparks some interest in scooting.

I know that many more people see what I post on Facebook or Modern Vespa, but this is a place where I can keep my memories and share them with others in a more organized form.

Thank you all, especially David, for following.

Bill and Rocket

Rocket and me at the start of our big adventure.


  1. A blog is an excellent place to keep one's memories stored. I recommend it.
    I have to say I greatly admired your Cannonball Run. I often think that if I had bought a 200 instead of my ill fated, ill tempered GTS (Vespa was offering both during the transition from the old carburetted to the new fuel injected in 2007) I would still be riding it. Watching you and Rocket frequently makes me sigh. My new/old P200 males me smile so all ended well. Good luck in 2016.

  2. I found that when I had Fernandina Beach in one of the titles, the interest was high, with 135 page views. I should title them like that to increase readers in the future. Titles that include St. Augustine, St. Simons Island, etc. might work.