Thursday, October 4, 2018

Yamaha Xmax owner

I called my friend Don Passell this week.  He owns the Yamaha dealership in Palatka and also the BMW Ducati dealership in Orange Park.

I wanted to buy a new Yamaha Xmax.

He told me that he was selling the Palatka store next week but would see if he could get one from the guy who is buying the store.

He had one and sent it to Don's BMW dealership today.

I stopped by on my way back from measuring a house south of Orange Park (I have to earn money to pay for these things) and it had just arrived.

The other dealership did nothing to set it up, so Don's guys were doing that today.

I should pick it up tomorrow afternoon.

7 BSC has a ride to Keystone Heights tomorrow, so it will get broken in soon.

It is not a beauty like the Vespa scooters, but it is fast with tons of underseat storage.  
I should be able to carry a small suitcase in there.


  1. no comment......

    Well maybe one. If you look at it at face value it makes a lot of since compared to a Vespa. 3yr warranty, extremely low maintenance, and price of entry all beat the hell out of a Vespa. Don't tell anyone I said that. Don't forget the extended warranty if they still offer the one where they refund you money if you do not use it.

  2. Very nice - congrats! Many benefits, as you say. I'm guessing you went with the Yamaha over say a BV350 because of the larger dealer network?

    1. Also the huge underseat storage, better gas mileage and Yamaha reliability.

  3. I paid just $40 more for the Xmax than I paid for Rocket in 2005. Quite a value purchase.

    I rode it 261 miles since yesterday afternoon. All riding at break in speed as Yamaha stresses a gentle break in. But I can feel the power.

    It is not nearly as refined as the Vespas. The engine is smooth, but not as smooth as Rocket. The suspension is a bit harsh, feeling every bump in the road.

    It is big too. I sit high and it is so wide under the seat that I can barely flat foot at stops. The footwell is a little too high and the space for my feet is narrow and very limited. Vespas better in all regards here.

    But it has excellent instrumentation.

    It is stable at speed and handles well. The brakes are strong.

    And I went 251 miles on the first tankful of gas. 2.85 gallons for 88 mpg. That is hard to beat.

    I still prefer the Vespas.

    1. I'll be interested in seeing how this scooter shakes out for you in the coming months. By late 2019/early 2020, I'll be back in the market as the GTS300 will have 50,000 miles on it by then, and the GT200 60,000.

    2. I think you might have trouble getting your feet to the ground on this one. It is so fat under the seat that it makes for a longer reach than on the Vespas.

  4. The flat footing is what I like about the Bsby Burgman. However 200cc is no match for the Xmax! Once you get over it not bring a Vespa and allow yourself to enjoy it you will get the true benefit of the Yamaha.

    1. It is a fine scooter. After the first 1000 miles, with the second coming this weekend, I will know better. So far I like it, but I rode Razzo briefly last week and it was sweeter.

  5. Three months and 5500 miles later, I can say that it is a fine motorcycle (still not my definition of a scooter). It does everything I was hoping for, maybe even better than I thought. After a 900 round trip mile ride to Pensacola, then one to Suwannee and two to Avon Park, I can see that this will be my go to scooter for the long rides.