Friday, August 3, 2018

Changes the Emotions of Riding

It has been more than four months since I returned home after leaving the SCR early, due to my little spill.


I removed the parts on this post about the Scooter Cannonball Run.  It is no longer relevant. 

And since the original post, my friend Michael Beattie, Conchscooter to many of us, was in a scooter accident where he hit a car that pulled in front of him.  He is a very good rider.  The accident was 100% the driver's fault.  I doubt anyone of us would have avoided the hit. 

He is still in the hospital, recovering from a broken pelvis and femur.  He still can't walk a month after the accident.  It will continue to be a long recovery. 

I hope I can ride with him before the end of the year, but it is unlikely.

After my spill and Michael's accident, I was preparing for a two week scooter ride in Spain.  This one included carrying my wife, Sarah, on the back of our rental Kymco Grand Dink. 

In the past, similar rides in Italy and Greece, I never considered the potential danger in having her on board.  This year, it was a quiet concern of mine every day.

I am very pleased that we made it home unscathed.  Knowing that, gives me new confidence that I will get back to the carefree rides, but my general attitude has changed.

I am finished with Scooter Cannonball Runs, unless they ease up and go back to pavement and reasonable days. 

The future long rides will probably be me riding solo, with only someone like good friends Ken, Drew or my brother David.

While I have always enjoyed long, fast rides, I am finding that I now prefer a more leisurely ride.  I will ride a scooter across the country again, but maybe spend more time in interesting cities and parks.  Stop for lunch in local restaurants.  Maybe even smell a rose or two.

Stopping to see the sights with Mark in California.