Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Rides

Sam is home again for Christmas.  I have not been good getting photos or posting here since Italy, the reason may be another post, but I did get a few shots yesterday and today.

Yesterday I decided to work a bit and was designing a first floor plan for a new riverfront house (well Julington Creek is a big creek) when my friend Drew called to see if Sam and I would like to ride to Fernandina Beach to eat lunch at Tasty's, one of our favorite destination restaurants.  I had also planned to go to see La La Land with the family at 4:20, but thought we could squeeze in a ride.

I called Sam, who was at the beach after spending the night with friends.  He would head back and meet us at my house.  He was late.  Sarah got upset and decided that we would never make it for the movie so we abandoned that.  But the ride was great, if a bit different with afternoon fog along the coast.

I busted out the camera to take photos, but the lens wouldn't open so I assumed the battery was dead.  Instead, I found that I had left it in photo view mode, but missed some photos.

I did get a couple at Tasty's.

Drew, Tommy and Sam

Drew on his adventure R90S, Tommy getting on Drew's F800GS and Sam at my Honda NC700X

This morning Sam had offered to buy me breakfast at Everybody's in Baldwin.  That is a 18 mile ride west.  We usually take US 90, but it has been under construction for the past several months.  The workers do not know how to set up and operate a one lane detour, so we abandoned that road for the superhighway, I-10.

Sam backing out of the parking spot at Everybody's

I like riding so much that it wasn't a bother for me.

Over-the-shoulder shot of Sam on I-10


And yet, another

Sam in the lead on the busy superhighway

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