Friday, September 23, 2016

The Baby Jesus Museum

Sarah and I had another wonderful day in Florence.  It began with us getting up at 9:00.  That is 12 hours of sleep.  It has been a while since I slept that long.

We were the last of the breakfast eaters in the terrific Bed and Breakfast, Panella's Residence.  We were there at 9:50.  they stop serving at 10:00.  It was no problem, and Graziella even booked us reservations to the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries.

On the way to the Uffizi, we did a little shopping with me scoring a cool Vespa t-shirt and Sarah getting some blue suede shoes she has been wanting.  The shoe store even held them for us as we visit the gallery.

Once inside the Uffizi, I quickly realized that it should be called the Baby Jesus Museum, as at least half the paintings had Baby Jesus as the prime subject.  All beautiful paintings, but as a gallery, it does not hold a candle to Chicago's Art Institute for me.  As a building, it was perfect.

From there we headed back to the Panella's, stopping for a quick snack at a little shop.  They didn't sell wine by the glass, so we bought a bottle of local Chianti, a bottle of beer and a panini sandwich.  Total cost, 12.80 Euro.  Did I mention that prices are amazingly low here?

We then went to the Accademia to see Michelangelo's David.  There, crowds were well controlled and David is special.  We sat on a bench behind the guy talking to a kind Australian woman who was on a long Italian vacation with her daughter.  It was a fun conversation.  She lives in Perth, the largest city on the almost exact opposite side of Earth from Jacksonville.

Graziella had recommended we eat dinner at a trattoria two blocks from us.  It was called Acquacotta.  We started to order when I asked the server what she would recommend.  So we ordered everything on her recommendations and it all was great.

It is such a nice place to spend some time.

Only three days until we have scooters!

My favorite of the Baby Jesus paintings.

The others looked something like this.

Breakfast at Panella's Residence

The Duomo dominates the city.

An octagonal room called the Tribue

The windowed hall at the Uffizi was a fine space

View from that space

Then a guided tour comes and the guide says "take a photo of this"

Maybe proof that aliens have invaded.


View from the restaurant in the Uffizi.

Turn around and it is even better


Inside Palazzo Vecchio

Front door to Panella's Residence;  And the new shoe purchase.

David from afar

Up close

And from the side.  It is a great space for the display.

Dinner at Acquacotta

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