Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cannonball Preparations: Carburetor

With the Scooter Cannonball Run getting closer, now 5 weeks and two days away, I thought it would be a good idea to change the tone of Rocket and Me to reflect on the big event.

Two weeks ago, I ordered parts from George at ScooterPartsCo.  They are parts that I know can go bad on a big ride, so I will be either installing them now, or carrying them or replacements, just in case the scooter breaks something, like the variator last time.

One part that can go in a big way on these Vespa GT's is the carburetor.  At around 25,000 miles, they can start dropping pieces into the engine.  When this happens, all hell breaks loose. One GT I sold a few years ago dropped a valve and destroyed the top end of the engine.  This could have been caused by a carburetor part.  Russ, our fearless club leader, had a piece break off during a ride.  His engine stopped running and when he pulled the spark plug, he found the electrode smashed.  That is usually a telltale sign of a ruined engine, but this time a piece came free from the carburetor, went in the intake valve, then out the exhaust valve doing only very minor damage.  I had the carburetor fail on Rocket at around 50,000 miles, but no engine damage.

Because Razzo will have 20,000 miles on it at the start, and a new carburetor is less than $200.00 (significantly with George's SCR discount) I thought it best to go ahead and get it done.

So here is part one of the scooter prep.

Trying to make the photo a bit more interesting.

Up close.


  1. Wise decision on the carb. You can always get the old one rebuilt as a spare. My failure to change the carb on my GT ended up costing me $1200, which included the labor of pulling the motor twice and finally replacing all the valve (which didn't appear bent in the first pull).

    1. I might need for you to watch over me in the exchange. I know that Boris did the change on Rocket in about 15 minutes. But he is the magical super mechanic. Sure miss having him in the warehouse every weekend.

  2. CANNONBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is not a race

    1. But I am going to go as fast as I am able.....