Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Camera

I have been wanting a quality, small camera for some time now.  I mentioned it to Sarah recently and found one that I thought would be a good one.  It is a Canon G9X, a newer model that looks great and has features that make it a great choice.

The new camera.  Probably a very good choice.  Has the look of an old Leica.

This morning I got on Rocket with the intent of trying some new photos in the line of Steve Williams wonderful Scooter in the Sticks blog.  So I headed to spots where I thought views and subject matter would make for interesting photos.

By accident, I had turned the controls to a setting where multiple shots are taken with one press of the shutter, where the camera takes from five to as many as twenty shots.  Each of these can be an effect or cropping that the little computer inside the camera decides will turn the photographer into a better one.

My first stop was to the Shops of Avondale, around the corner from our house.  I got a few there.

Anita's Garden Store around the corner from home.

Then a half mile down, while passing the Loop in Avondale, I noticed a good view of the river with the sun rising.

Sunrise over McGirts Creek.

We then traveled to Baker Point where I got a few more with downtown shrouded in fog.  The drawbridge there, and boats in the protected harbor offer nice subject matter too.

Rocket with downtown in the mist behind.

Docks with the River House I designed, under construction in the background.

Rocket and the drawbridge.

The drawbridge in black and white

Rocket with boats moored in the Ortega River.

I then headed down Ortega Boulevard, where I found a couple of my projects to work as background for a couple of more shots.

A house I designed fifteen years ago, then renovated last year.

Another choice of the camera among many.

A garage I designed thirty years ago.  It held Ferraris at the time.  Now appears to be used as a garden house.  Another effect created by the camera, this one zoomed in with a watercolor type filter.

Downtown was my next destination, where I found a great view from the exit ramp to Forest Boulevard.  There, one of the camera's selections was the coolest lighting on Rocket's rear, making a great photograph.

Stopped on an off ramp.  This is a black and white version of the photo....

And the camera gave me this one too.  Rocket never looked better than bathed in this light.

I got downtown, where there were more opportunities at the new, horrific courthouse and along Laura Street and Hemming Park.

Duval County Courthouse from one of the empty parking lots in the area.

The courthouse in one of the selections made by the camera....

From this photograph.

Laura Street with the Barnett Bank and Greenleaf Crosby buildings in the background.

Rocket in front of one of my favorite buildings on Laura Street.

Old car and Rocket in front of Chamblins Bookstore.

The new Library (now ten years old)

City Hall, in the old Cohen Brothers Department Store, Henry John Klutho's best design from the early 1900's.

I must say that the photo quality and variety afforded by this camera is awesome.  I can't wait to truly learn to take advantage of having such a good one.


  1. It is now official. You are the official photographer for the Oyster Tours.

  2. Congratulations on the acquisition of such a handsome camera. For anyone owning a Vespa knows -- appearance does matter.

    The new digital cameras are simply amazing and the things they can do provide more options than any photographer needs -- in my opinion at least. I'm still discovering features. You have some fine images from this first run with the camera.

    Your ride seems a real trip down memory lane. I love it when I get to see things that connect me to a place. That doesn't happen enough for me. Maybe I'm not looking.

    Love the way the scooter looks in the morning light. Not sure how you got things to look like that so I"ll have to do some homework. Or maybe the light just looks different down your way.

    Good luck with the camera. I hope it helps deepen the riding experience for you!

    1. Thank you Steve, Your photographs inspired me to try harder. These were largely fun because of the camera's abilities. I used them as a crutch until I can learn how to control the shots myself. But I was amazed to see what it can do. Looking forward to seeing some truly good photographs in the future. I am wanting to shoot places from Old Florida, from farmhouses to towns to closed tourist traps.

  3. Lovely retro design, and a great outcome of the first trial. Please continue to explore the camera (with your scooter included, of course).

  4. Nice shots! Can not wait to see more

    1. Thanks Jim. It certainly improves the quality of my photographs. I am looking forward to taking better photos of our upcoming rides.