Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Scooter World

Last weekend we had Luminaria Night in my neighborhood, Avondale.
Sarah and I returned from a trip to visit relatives and friends in Orlando, so we arrived home just in time to get our luminaries out at the new house.

Our old house was on the corner of Riverside and Talbot Avenues.  It was a double lot with 130 feet of frontage on each street.  It took 6 to 8 luminary kits to cover all of that footage.

Our new house is on an interior lot, 50 feet wide.  I bought two kits and had them set in minutes.  Much easier.

The 7 Bridges Scooter Club decorates scooters and rides in the traffic during luminaria.  I used to ride but prefer country rides and always have parties to attend on that night, so I have missed the last two.

But they rode and the crew included Tom Cyphers from St. Mary's Georgia on his decorated Burgman.  It was beautiful.

Happy Holidays!

The Duplex with luminaries

Tom Cyphers, all dressed up for the ride.

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  1. Happy Festivus. I shall eat lunch on Monday thinking of you.