Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ten Years with the Rocket Ship

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my purchase of Rocket.

I can't imagine what my life would be like without that wonderful machine.

Most of my free time is now spent on rides with my friends, all of whom came to me because of riding.  It is my first choice for having fun these days.

With over 68,600 miles on the old scoot, it is getting a bit long in the tooth, but I am currently riding it to work and back every day with some longer rides thrown in for a kick.

It is running better than it has in a long while.  I think I will keep it.

Rocket in Alaska.

This was posted on MV by a member, znomit, from New Zealand.  Fitting tribute for a fine machine.


  1. Well done the Rocket Ship. At this point it has no value. You are glued together forever. A viking/vespa funeral is in the cards. My Bonneville is the same way, running perfectly, 90,000 miles no trade in value so I keep it with a clear conscience!

  2. Thank you Michael. I know that Rocket has no value on the open market, but to me it is priceless.

  3. At less than half the mileage on my GTS as you have on the Rocket mine too has no value but is priceless. Congratulations on your anniversary and let's hope we're both here for the 2oth!

    1. Rocket will never be sold, and is running like new these days. We went on a wonderful 100 mile ride today and still have many more roads to cover.