Friday, March 29, 2019

Bridges Ride 2019

Last weekend was the annual Bridges Ride for the Seven Bridges Scooter Club

We had the largest turnout ever, with as many as sixty five participants over the two days.

Saturday had two groups on large rides to two different destinations.

I took twenty riders through some of the better North Florida roads to Folkston, Georgia, where we dined on a tasty buffet.

The ride home was one of my favorites, A1A through Amelia Island, the Talbot Islands and Fort George Island.

Along 121, one of my favorite area roads.

Tasty buffet at the Okeefenokee Restaurant in Folkston.

On A1A  on Big Talbot Island

The Marshes of A1A between Big and Little Talbot Islands

 Sunday we had over fifty riders beginning at the crack of dawn at Hardees on Mayport Road.

We crossed the St. Johns River on the Ferry, then the seven big bridges to lunch at the Seven Bridges Restaurant.

It all went well, perfect weather and a nice group of riders.

On the Mathews Bridge before sunrise heading to Mayport.

Mayport Road in the early morning sunshine

Loading lots of scooters onto the Mayport Ferry

The ride across the river on the ferry

Dames Point Bridge

Most of the riders at the Veterans Memorial Wall

Heading up the Hart Bridge at the Stadium

On the Hart Bridge

Treaty Oak Park was one stop

Main Street Bridge

Waiting at a light at Bay Street

The Shops of Avondale

At the  Grand Avenue draw bridge.

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  1. Another wonderful weekend of riding! Thanks to Bill and the others for a job well done!