Sunday, February 3, 2019

Rocket is Back on the Road

Rocket had been noisier than the other scooters since installing a new-to-Rocket engine in a couple of years ago.

The rough sounding mechanical noise got worse as time and miles wore on.  The last big ride was a few months ago to the White Springs area for a scooter club lunch.  It ran well but the noise continued.  I determined that it was the water pump.

I mentioned it to Chris, my mechanic, and he said that the engine sitting with no coolant for more than a year before putting it into Rocket probably caused damage to the water pump bearing.

I waited a few months for him to have time in the shop to work on it.  It went to him a couple of weeks ago with a water pump rebuild kit, coolant tank (there was coolant on the foot well twice even without running the scooter) and a new rear brake caliper (the old one was clanking on first application.

He called to let me know that I had purchased the wrong water pump rebuild kit (even though it was the 2005 and earlier kit for a 2005 engine)

I picked it up last week and have ridden around town but no long rides yet.  But I can tell that it is back to normal.  Maybe even better.

Watch out Ken, as Rocket will be the scooter of choice for the next few Oyster Tours.


Rocket in front of my office.  Back home!


  1. Good to hear Rocket is back to normal and perhaps better than ever. That's what I want to hear each time I leave my doctor's office.

    Even though Rocket is ready to roll Ken probably has his Dakar thinking on right now and will be racing ahead to the Oyster Shack...

    1. Thank you Steve. Ken is back! Now we can plan a few rides. Rocket will be going on the next few Oyster Tours. You should come down and join us.

  2. Good I want have to be embarrassed with you riding that other thing.