Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Old Vespas

My three Vespa GTs are now 11, 12 and 13 years old.

Their mileages are 16,500, 88,200 and 28,300.

Max, the new Yamaha Xmax is three months old with 5300 miles already.

The difference is great.

Rocket, the 2006 GT has been making funny noises that I determined to be a water pump bearing.  I bought a rebuild kit months ago but haven't needed it so taken time to find a slot in the ACE Vintage Motorcycle Specialist's schedule.  I am taking it in tomorrow.

But in getting it loaded onto the truck to carry it over there, I found the battery nearly dead, so I went home to get jumper cables and a jump start battery.  Neither could I get onto the little battery and when I finally did, it didn't work.  Then, I disconnected everything and tried one more time.  It started.  I also noticed some coolant on the floorboard a few weeks ago.  I wiped it off.  Today there was more.  So the coolant issues now probably include a need to replace the coolant tank behind the legshield.  The rear brake caliper has been making funny noises, so I am replacing that too.  It is old and feels it, but I took it out for a ride to charge the battery and the ride was still sweet.

Vanessa, the blue 2007 GT has always given me trouble.  It's current problems have been discussed here, mostly running with very low oil, probably burning out a crankshaft bearing.  It runs but knocks badly and would probably destroy itself if ridden very far.  It has broken and damaged parts everywhere but still has value to me.  I will probably be taking it in to ACE soon to get the engine repaired.

Razzo, the 2005 GT is beautiful but has a nasty steering wobble.  It also smells of gasoline often and makes terrible noises when starting, even after installing a new bendix.

I love all three but they are old.

Max is new and so easy to hop on and ride.  No problems.  No tools or spare parts needed to be carried on the rides.  Twice the storage and other advantages.  Not much personality and much bigger, but a fine scooter.

I am not sure what to do at the moment.  Probably fix all of them and keep them.  Maybe sell Razzo if the other two are good after the repairs.  We'll see.


Rocket loaded and ready to head to ACE for repairs.


  1. Vespas are addictive. You never want to let them go. In 135,000 miles, I've yet to sell a bike. I might need an intervention!

    1. I don't need to sell any of them, but it doesn't make sense to have so many. Rocket and Vanessa have loads of sentimental value to me. Razzo is beautiful, but expendable. I should sell the Lambretta as it just sits unless I can eventually get it to be reasonably reliable. I think I know what to do.

  2. I see you just becoming a regular rider. IE, comfort and ease over adventure. Guess that is what happens with some old people.

    1. I rode Razzo around yesterday. What a sweet scooter. Much smoother than Max, better seating position too. It is not going anywhere soon, except maybe an Oyster Tour.