Monday, February 12, 2018

Don't Fall Off

That is the 7 Bridges Scooter Club Rule Number Three.

At least my implementation of club rules.

The first two rules I established many years ago. 

Those two are related to group rides.

They are Keep Up and Don't Complain.

They get broken all the time.

But the new rule, Don't Fall Off, has come into play only a very few times.

I did it once on a group ride in Alabama.

It happened this time to my good friend and fellow 7 Bridges Scooter Club member (actually the leader of the group, even though we have no officers.)

Russ has been scooting since buying a Vespa P200 in the 1980's.  He last fell off one 34 years ago.

But last week he was headed to the weekly Tuesday club ride to dinner.  It was cold and he was under dressed.  About a mile into the ride he decided to turn around and head home for a bigger coat.  

He chose the turn around location poorly as it had some sand that caused a wheel to slide out from under him.

Down went Russ and his 2005 Vespa GT.

He got up and figured a way for his old, broken body to stand the scooter upright .  He managed and it cranked easily. 

Russ rode it home with a pain in his right hand.

A quick visit to a local care center showed a break and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.  Their more accurate cat scan showed a dislocation.  

Surgery is planned for this week and Russ is not able to ride for months.

So remember...

Don't fall off.  It ruins everything.

Russ in better days, in Douglas Georgia to look at airplanes.


  1. What Bill said! Don't do it.

  2. The hospital gave our daughter an "I do my own stunts!" t-shirt after she dislocated her elbow. She refused to wear it, so I spirited it away to donate to a (sadly inevitable) future casualty. Maybe Russ needs to borrow it. ;o)

    Hoping he heals quickly!